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New Macon Homes on the Market

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Macon Homes for sale and Macon Real Estate that is new on the market can be found right here. no need to drive all over town and look at multiple site, all the Macon Ga. homes for sale (including Macon homes for sale by owner) and all other macron real estate for sale can be found right here. So take your time and search all Macon homes for sale and ya’ll come back, hear!

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Macon GA. Luxury Homes

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You better act quick if you are looking to buy a Macon Luxury home or even to rent a Macon luxury home, as the inventory is scare and the demand is high.  We have the most complete listed inventory of luxury homes fro sale in Macon ga., so why look anywhere else? Macon homes for sale her. Call 678.770.5046

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Macon Foreclosures & Macon Short Sale Homes for Sale Here.

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Not only is the temperature ‘hot” in Macon, GA., but the Macon real estate market is also “sizzling”.  Lucky for you that we are the Macon foreclosure and Macon short sale specialists, and we have the hook ups with all local Macon foreclosure connections, banks and investors. Be sure to BUY your Macon foreclosure or Macon short sale home from us, but DO NOT DELAY – the best Macon homes go very fast.

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Macon Homes for Sale

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Macon lies near the geographic center of the state, approximately 85 miles south of Atlanta, hence the city’s nickname “the Heart of Georgia”. There is always plenty to do in Macon with the many points of interest here. the Ocmulgee national Monument, Museum of Arts &  Science, The Allman Brother Band Museum, Grand Opera House and Rose Hill Cemetery to name a few. For info on any Macon real estate and Macon homes for sale, please call 678.770.5046.

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Featured Macon Homes For Sale

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3 bedroom $75K

Duplex $105K

4 bedroom $74,900

Beautiful 3 bedroom

Totally renovated $140K

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Dream Team Macon GA.

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