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Savannah Luxury Homes for Sale

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Searching for a Savannah luxury home for sale or a Savannah luxury home to rent? Then lets get busy and get you paid 1% cash back when you buy a Savannah luxury home.

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Savannah Foreclosures, Savannah Short Sales, & Distressed Homes for Sale In Savannah

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Search Savannah Foreclosures and even Savannah foreclosure auctions for the very best “deals” in the Savannah real estate market. We have all the Savannah foreclosure homes and we know how to take advantage of this system to put you in the drivers seat. Interested in another money saving buying opportunity? Then ask us about buying a Savannah short sale home, whether its a Savannah foreclosure or a Savannah short sale home, we got you covered. Call 678.770.5046 for all of your Real Estate needs.

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Buy a home in Savannah & GET 1% CASH BACK 

Make an “OFFER” TO BUY ANY HOME  (see “make an Offer”button at bottom right hand corner of page) listed with ANY broker or on ANY site – FROM US & GET 1% CASH BACK.

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  3.  A 1 year Home Warranty (paid by Seller) to cover, all electrical, plumbing, appliances, Heating and Cooling systems – Gives you piece of mind!

                                              Initial Offer Details as follows;

  1. Must be within 10% of Asking/Listed price
  2. Earnest deposit is 1% of sales price (due 3 days after acceptance date)
  3. Seller to pay 1.5% (of sales price) Towards YOUR CLOSING COSTS
  4. 45 Days for the closing
  5. 21 Days to secure financing (if financing is used)
  6.  Say Yes Realty, LLC will Negotiate on your behalf, as you Buyers Agent

Totally “AUTOMATED“ purchase offer paperwork system (patent pending) – give it a try AND Get 1% CASH BACK (of the purchase price), use the “Make an Offer” button (at the bottom right hand corner of the page), yeah – it’s that easy! Or call 678.770.5046 for additional program details/info.



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Get 1% Cash Back when you buy any House from Say Yes Realty LLC.
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Savannah Homes for Sale

BUY ANY HOME (Listed with ANY Broker or on ANY Website) ONLINE & GET 1% CASH BACK!
Call 678.770.5046 for all the Details! OR CLICK HERE – for the REBATE DETAILS

Savannah, a coastal Georgia city, is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. It’s known for its manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages and ornate antebellum architecture. Its cobblestoned historic district is filled with squares and parks like Forsyth Park, shaded by magnolia blossoms and oak trees covered with Spanish moss. The historic district’s architectural landmarks include the Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Call 678.770.5046 for all your Real Estate needs.

One visit to Savannah and you’ll be hooked, so why not buy a Savannah home now and enjoy all things Savannah, like the Telfair Museum and Fort James Jackson. And for the more adventurous and those thrill seeker, why not check out the Bonaventure Cemetery, (we dare you to). Be sure to check out the Savannah beaches, restaurants and all the attractions that Savannah has to offer.

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Savannah Featured Homes For Sale

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403 E 50th _ Foreclosure

211 York St. $2.4 million

119 Wimbleton Dr. $97,450

703 Dancy Ave, $4.5 Million

1336 Whitfield Park, $156,500

823 Park Ave - Short Sale $140K

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